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Wartortle parlor beads for the design of the Pokemon ! It ‘s not conspicuous isnt me 2 evolution eyes !



Wartortle parlor beads for the design of the Pokemon !

The last time , but I made a parlor beads of Squirtle species Pokemon , this time made ​​a Wartortle after evolution ! Since the idea strength seems a little large in size !


Parlor beads for design Wartortle !

It is the usual design for parlor beads . Because in the case of Pokemon design is left and right reversal same design , it no problem in one direction , but once , here is for the parlor beads …

This design is used by connecting two vertical to the transparent plate L.


Design for the cross stitch ( embroidery ) !

Here is a design for the cross stitch . Also ! But I orientation I hope anyone in the case of symmetry of design .


The color of the beads ! ?

Always is the color of the beads is troubled . Because it is not exactly the same color as the character , I think that I long to some extent similar . It will be a rare version of a different color in Pokemon ? ! The same as it !

Iron Wartortle Summary of beads for the design !

I do not have the impression I Wartortle or …. good enough impression thin Do – the second stage of Pokemon ! It ‘s so also Lizard of 2 evolution of Charmander, Yappa second stage Pokemon huh poor

But it is fine like feel in design . I think cute and Squirtle, and held together well is intermediate design of Blastoise !

The following is empty , Lizard , Charizard ! And I want to make Toka Charizard X!

by カエレバ

by カエレバ





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