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Pokemon Pikachu parlor beads design! | BEADS.TOKYO


Pokemon Pikachu parlor beads design! Design is available as a free download!



We made a Pokemon Pikachu of parlor beads!

Pikachu has based on the cute illustrations sat perched! Because there is a yellow beads that took red taste even in beads it is perfect for Pikachu.

Pokemon Pikachu parlor beads design!


Pikachu parlor beads for design!

Yes! It is always of Pikachu parlor beads for the design of! Please use with this print out. Because it is the same size when you print out a transparent plate L, just go put the beads while watching the color that shows through.

Design for parlor beads, left and right will be highlighted! This will be on the back side is face to put the beads, it ironed to strengthen the surface. Inverted multiply again ironing the surface! Therefore, design is, I make deliberately reversed.


Design for the cross stitch (embroidery)!

Here is the design of cross stitch and embroidery. Koch does not have inverted design. Since the completion in this state, it can be used to, such as embroidery!


Pikachu parlor beads is finished!

This … this is quite cute Pikachu was completed! It seems me like mecha When you raise a child! !

Design of Pokemon sounds difficult! And the whole are connected, seems to quality will be higher when you can I even … because quite complex designs do often! Still I wonder if because the original design is good? !

Pretty popular design of Pokemon that’s overseas! It is also impressive because yet there are many tremendous big work! Kana Let’s make a Pokemon of parlor beads so as not to lose in such work!

by カエレバ

by カエレバ





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