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(日本語) nanobeadsでポケモンが作れるセットが売ってた!ピカチュウ、ヒトカゲ、フシギダネなどなど!! | BEADS.TOKYO


Set Pokemon can make in nanobeads had been sold! Pikachu, figure, etc. Bulbasaur! !


Pokemon of iron beads Once you have made the Shibuya of loft was selling!

Unlike the usual iron beads (parlor beads), product called slightly smaller “nanobeads” (nanobeads)! Moreover guy of dot picture of Game Boy version!


Always of the size I hope so easy to make! The finished size increases were in the mood! This “nanobeads” size is likely to have good can the works of small size because the two around more than small! !

7th floor of Shibuya loft What I’ve found. I had been able to little nanobeads corner!


nanobeads corner of Shibuya loft!

At first I thought what they sell Toka stone nail Toka accessories! Is not what the small size iron beads! Was no check recently because it was away from the iron beads industry! It is also handled in the Amazon!


I’m easy to make it work because they sell to every single color, design set was noted in that is “Pokemon”!

nanobeads of Pokemon set!

I also I’m making the design of Pokemon, after all Pokemon I’m cute! Originally pat matching with iron beads since the dot picture!

Moreover, since the make a small size, this series is really looks good!

Set of Pikachu and the monster ball

This is a set of “Pikachu” “Monster Ball”. It is composed of a yellow and red parts. Pikachu ‘s a guy of dot picture of Game Boy version! Dot picture of when you appeared in the battle!

I Pikachu and do a set of monster ball, the person who thought this set, I know! ! Sugokui feel!


Another is whether the Squirtle and Keromatsu!

This has also been constructed in the blue system of beads with water Pokemon! Do not have been well thought out!

And I hate it set me my favorite Squirtle and Keromatsu! This is also I want!


Empty and Fokko, Bulbasaur & Harimaron either!

Koch also cute! Figure is I’m difficult. I also troubled the balance of … head I made a long time ago design! (Oh! I was not up to design and complete photo Speaking!)

Another is “Harimaron” here also it is my favorite Pokemon as “Bulbasaur”! That’s the configuration of the green beads! Especially Bulbasaur ‘s a good feeling!


Good point of this series is designed with a dot painting that has been used in the actual game because it seems Pokemon certified! Reproduce the same state as it is of the dot picture during the game can be!

Nice to play in the battle to make! That’s perfect also for collection size!

In addition to like there is also a Mario series is also of Pokemon! Moreover NES version? Huh Dottoe of! ? The original painting of Choice is mess fun of design! Kana not put on this team! ?


I think is good to have also sold monochromatic color!

I mecha hard to collect the same color to make the beads Art! So it’s really survive if there is a “single-color” that are sold in just the same color! Since nanobeads even there is a monochromatic set, this is happy! Moreover, important that the beautiful color is equipped with good color have all the cream Toka Toka gray … subtle colors! I wonder if can not make colorful that it is only a color character!


Like there is also a set of non-Pokemon!

Pokemon I hope in the iron plate, it seems to people I poor little is character there is also a set of design other than Pokemon. Toka animals and Suites! !


Unreal cute become French bulldog! It also says parrots! Make Toka bird series and mecha fun! ! Because you want to create personally I have thought Na want to think or “Suites” series, would be great!


Accustomed the design Once been a little remodeling in reference may may make the original work of your own! If you are familiar from a little remodeling, something easy to be immediately favorite design!

Finished work is Yosage be to Sumahokesu!

It’s good to make the original smartphone case put to Sumahokesu with adhesive Once finished! I’m early beads can be bonded with a specific adhesive!


It looks good even in accessories in small work! It nice to time also Mijikaku’ make if small size! Recommended so easy! It can also be a flat arranged’d better take advantage of the tube even accessories! (Iii! Do this usage did not realize …)


The fact that, was the introduction of “nanobeads” of small size! I do not have to still buy, the next time you try to Toka comparison review to buy.

It is complicated, but even the temperature of ironing. Kana about medium temperature that good? I think I’d better to go to raise the temperature little by little! Likely will melt beads also Terotero which are arranged at a stretch in the high temperature! ! (Even larger size, more complicated, but that’s nanobeades because again many times!)

Note: How to make iron beads!

It will be well over the way of the “iron” iron beads a little trick! So are summarized in a simple article, try a little look!

Was the design set of Pokemon nanobeads at that!

Official site of the nano-beads is here!





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