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Parlor beads design of " Oshawott " of the sea otter Pokemon ! Dangerous this is cute ! | BEADS.TOKYO


Parlor beads design of ” Oshawott ” of the sea otter Pokemon ! Dangerous this is cute !



Of huge amount cute sea otter Pokemon that appear in Pokédex ORAS · XY to ” Oshawott ” I tried to the design of the parlor beads ! !

Design of parlor beads of Oshawott !

Design of BEADS.Tokyo is , but you have to make in accordance with the plate of the product called all parlor beads ! But it was recently discovered , in fact, the size of any “Hama beads ” that are sold at Toka Bonerundo have noticed that almost no Kawan ! So , design any product use think !


Design of parlor beads !

How! Mecha probably cute ! Is the design of Oshawott!


Here is the design for the parlor beads ! Design of parlor beads character of orientation has become a left-right reverse , but …

It is okay to make a Which because there is no left and right of the difference in the case of Oshawott! ( Up by only the difference of the arm is kana …)

Design of cross stitch ( embroidery )


I used to print out the design of Oshawott!

Try to make the iron beads of Oshawott!

I and … still evolving but Oshawott also I like Pokemon ! But until the brackets Na but I do ‘m become well … it ‘m sorry Dewott I forgive the last minute , when it comes to Samurott, there is no shadow to see was another cute of ” Oshawott ” …

Samurott But I ‘m useful because the strong …

But it is so use to fight and remove … I checked in the mood at the time and make the design of the shell it … this time iron beads I was a ” knife ” What of that belly ! I did not know!

So , was the iron beads design of Oshawott!

Also regards So we will make a design of cute Pokemon !





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