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FLYING TIGER parlor bead plate! 36x36 piece of BIG size of the dot size can make! | BEADS.TOKYO


【BIGサイズ】FLYING TIGERのアイロンビーズ・プレート!


FLYING TIGER parlor beads for BIG size plates!

Looking at the dot specific goods parlor beads, but I will buy catapult!

This time in the shop called “FLYING TIGER” of fashionable goods, have found a nice bead products

I bought this time, larger than usual! Plate of BIG size! What a “36×36 dot”!

Since always a parlor beads and plates 29×29 size of Hamabizu, make a fairly large size works! I think the size of which come in handy for people who are making the parlor beads!


BIG transparent plate of 36×36 size of FLYING TIGER!

The size of the usual iron beads is using a vertical 29 dots x Width 29 dot size (Tomei plate L), but the transparent plate purchased in FLYING TIGER has become larger size slightly and 36×36 dot size!

This, it means what may be’d better connect the two plates L of the parlor beads I convenient either!

I’ve got a design of a design that does not fit in the plate L just a little in the design of BEADS.tokyo, was making by connecting two pieces of plate L in a vertical or horizontal! It becomes easy to make because this is good to’d better connected! (But horizontal-vertical is only design within 36 dot!)

Plate, so transparent to make just go at the color of the beads that resemble because seen through the color of the design is the same! Easy to make!

Actually since that’s it … 58 dot I do want a plate of ··· 58×58 size just plate L (29 dots) to four connected state is pretty design of large size can make!

Or displacement two plates with it … absolutely joints I do make should you connect, I’m or collapse! ! It’s good to cut – made in one size if you can!

FLYING TIGER of the site is here!

Let’s go to look for to find a store! !





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