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Nap Pikachu! Pokemon parlor beads of design series! | BEADS.TOKYO


Nap Pikachu! Pokemon parlor beads of design series!


In addition, also, I tried to make a Pikachu of iron beads!

It still Pikachu is cute! You can go fast! But I know I’m difficult

Pikachu in a nap! Goo Goo … of design!

The image, how feeling Pikachu in a nap after the stomach is full!

It has a little tail has become smaller, or! It also might cute!


Parlor beads of design and design of cross stitch (embroidery)


Always, we prepare the design for the parlor beads and cross-stitch (embroidery) on separately. Parlor beads, so make from the back, who had been the character of the direction to the left and right reversed I’m such because the finish is beautiful! !

But in the case of this “nap Pikachu”, … design the left and right direction because it is so much going relationship is name of was the only one!

Is that people pause is good to sleep on the right, please by reversing the left and right direction in such image processing software.

Design of nap Pikachu’d printed out from here!


Design, please use to print out! Parlor beads that of iron beads of goods in accordance with the size of the “Parlor beads plate L 22652” we make a design. Please laid under the plate L after print. It will be completed by simply placing the color of the beads that resemble so see through the color! Plate L will need two next!

How to make the beads is here!

Therefore please see how to make a parlor beads has an article in here!

To make a parlor beads OK if there is this tool!

Explaining the flow of how to make a parlor beads! Anyone easy to make if there is a pattern!

How to make the description of the parlor beads! Do not fail do it slowly!

Pikachu together in a nap!

I had a little larger the head, I think you and was able to Pikachu that there is like a cute baby is! !

It’s that Pokemon GO! Also come out, go more and more made the design of the parlor beads of Pokemon!

★ parlor beads of items here!





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